About us

One click presets for Adobe Lightroom that will help you transform your photos with minimal effort!
We have presets for every occasion! 

Hi I'm Linnéa! Founder of Hey Presets. I love photography, I've been taking pictures since before I could ride a bike.

My grandparents started me on my obsession. One cold Swedish winter I was given a heavier-than-normal Christmas gift that set me on the path exploring the world through a lens. Since then I've been exploring angles, textures–anything to raise the bar on the pictures I was taking.
This led me to the discovery of Presets.

The idea of Hey Presets started when me and my boyfriend Robin started traveling full time and created a travel account on Instagram (@swedesexplore) to document our journey. Lightroom with all its features, quickly became very important to make our photos pop and be presented in the best kind of way.
I realised how much time and effort you can save with presets editing all of our pictures after a full day of exploring.

I love how easy they can help you create that special feeling or colour in a photo, and I wanted to help others create that as well. Without having to put in the work that goes in behind learning Lightroom and figuring out all the different tools.
My hope is that everyone that uses the presets will get much joy out of them!