Are warm presets here to stay?

Will warm presets continue to dominate instagram? How do trends shift? What are our thoughts? 

Trends come and go. What's currently trending differs from place to place. Usually trends correlate to the world around us. We like to go from one side of the spectrum, to the next one!

''The rubber band theory''

Think rubber band. The harder you pull and stretch a rubber band, the further the rubber band will go when you let go. Trends kind of work in similar ways. The rubber band is still a rubber band, no matter where it lands. 

Take the trend of buying Friday flowers for example! They have gone from fresh, bright and colourful to neutral, dried and sustainable. I can't remember the last time I bought fresh flowers to my home. Instead it's different variations of dried bouquets, pampas grass, palm leaves etc. 

The same goes for makeup. in the beginning of 2010's the idea was more is more! Heavy eye makeup, overdrawn lips and a super matte base. When the trend shifted after a few years, it's natural brows, preferably bushy and natural. The base should be dewy and have an amazing glow. And we're rocking our natural beauty more often. 

We still buy flowers, just a different variety. We still use makeup, but we apply it differently. 

Warm presets have been heavily used in social media, and we can see why! It gives a soft feel to your photos and feels more sustainable, inviting and carefree. 

But it can be hard to edit your photos to get the right look. You want the overall look to be warm, but not yellow. Cozy, but not dark. Bright, but not over exposed. 

It can be hard to get what you've envisioned when you're just starting out. Plus editing programs can be expensive, especially if you want your original photo to keep its quality. If you've bought an editing software there are buttons you don't understand the purpose of and for some reason you can never really find the time or energy to learn how to do it properly.

''... Because frankly, sometimes you just want the look without the hustle!''

We have several warm preset collections in our store, and that's simply because we discovered these issues when we first started to edit our pictures.
User friendly presets helped us a lot when we used to update our different social medias, because frankly, sometimes you just want the look without the hustle! It's time consuming to edit photos and we often find that you can stare yourself blind between two slightly different edits... 

Here at Hey presets we love the feeling of warm and inviting photos, especially when it comes to outdoorsy pictures, maternity shoots, family photos and similar. 

Some of our warm presets include

 Off white

Off white

This warm preset keep your photos looking bright but with a softer touch. Pink and yellow undertones are prominent and makes this preset optimal when you want to keep your photos natural. We recommend this preset to all types of photos but have a fondness for them when photographing babies, maternal photoshoots and interior. It has the softness we associate with baby cheeks, Sunday dates and a freshly made bed.

It's minimalistic, soft and bright. 

Vintage vibe

Vintage vibe

Another way to add warmth to your edits is with Vintage vibe. This collection bring out green and yellow tones and adds grain to your photos. It's not as bright as Off white but instead adds a more dusty, moody and mature feeling. This preset works really well for the active adventurer! We love this preset together with some industrial shots, backpackers photos and whenever you want to add the feeling of snapping a picture with a disposable camera. It gives you the raw, always on your way, rustic feel. 

Minimal brown

Last but certainly not least! Minimal brown is our most bought preset collection. It adds a lot of warmth with its soft brown tones. The added contrast is sure to make your photo pop. Minimal brown also neutralize green without removing it completely. It's perfect for the minimalist that wants some warmth! 

You wouldn't think warm presets works so well with portraits and photos that shows a lot of skin. Of course, to each his own. But the warmer colours doesn't make you look patchy, spray tanned or like you could be related to Donald Trump! Instead they give your face and skin a warmer glow without being extreme. 

If you feel that warm presets is something for you, we have many more options to choose from that aren't included here! 

Still not convinced? HEYNEW15 gives you 15% off your whole first purchase. 

Lots of love! 

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