The best travel presets for your adventures

Finding the best travel presets for your photos can be a bit tricky at times. Which collection goes well with what kind of colors and scenery?
To help you out we have created a guide on our own travel presets, and what kind of colors and locations they work the best with. 

Of course this depends on your own personal taste and what kind of look you're going for with your editing, but we hope this can help you in the search after the best looking photos!

What are presets?

Presets are a way to give your photos a professional look in a single click. They are there to help you save time and energy on your editing, so that you can put more focus on being in the moment and create more memories to capture.



The first collection of our travel presets we created was Bahamas, and it's one of our best sellers. Bahamas focuses on bringing out the warmth in especially tropical photos, but also those gorgeous turquoise tones in the water and sky. 

The collection goes well with sunny, tropical scenery, preferably with either water or other blue pops of color.

Have a closer look at Bahamas here: BAHAMAS



Our Maldives collection brings a more cool and airy look to photos. The presets has a lower saturation and they are formatted to make blue tones softer but at the same time still bring out a nice tanned look. Green is darken down and yellow is more muted for more depth.

This collection is very versatile and works great for both trips to the beach and exploring a new city. The presets come to the best use on photos with either green or blue scenery or objects.

You can find more on Maldives here: MALDIVES



Our warmest collection of travel presets is without a doubt Fiji. It's perfect for those who like to bring out tanned skin in their photos, and also enjoy turquoise and bright green colours. Because of these edits this collection goes great with pictures from tropical places with lots of greenery.

Check out more on Fiji here: FIJI



If you're not going on holiday to a tropical place, our Minimal Collection might be a better alternative for you. Like it suggests, it's minimalistic and perfect for giving photos that nice sleek look. The collection is designed to make colours more subtle but without removing them completely, and has a nice balance between both softer and harsher contrasts. We would recommend the Minimal Collection for city travels primaily.

You'll find more on Minimal here: MINIMAL


We hope that this small guide on travel presets will help you in the search for the best collection for your adventures. Presets can be a great tool for both editing a lot of photos in a short amount of time, but also for playing around with and developing your own personal style of editing. 

Happy editing!


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