How to make your eyes pop in Lightroom

Say you've taken a beautiful portrait photo, or perhaps a selfie that you're really happy with. You've edited it and it looks really nice, but something is missing. The photo doesn't do the eyes justice. You want to make sure that your eyes pop, but don't know where to start...
No worries, here is quick and easy guide on how to bring out the magic in just a few steps using the Lightroom app!

1. Select the brush tool and paint in the eyes. 

2. Increase exposure (+1,13)

3. increase contrast (+20)

4. Pull down highlights (-15)

5. Increase saturation (+57)

6. Increase clarity (+48)

7. Increase sharpness (+37)


a small put powerful change

If you feel that the colour isn't coming through enough or you are looking for a big change, you can also change the eye colour completely to a more vibrant one before step number 2 where you increase your exposure. 

Once you have selected the eyes with the brush tool:

1. Go to the colour tab

2. Scroll down and select the colour that you like

3. Follow the of the steps in the tutorial above if needed



We hope these tips have been helpful!

Happy editing!


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