How to install mobile presets in the Lightroom app

Lightroom presets are compatible with both iOS and Android, all you need to install the presets is the free Lightroom app and the presets files (.dng).

First step is to install the Lightroom app on your phone, and then sign up. If you already have the app, just sign in as usual.


Download the presets files to your phone and choose where you want to extract them to. OBS! It might not look exactly the same on your phone, but the goal is to download and extract the files to your phone.

Once the files are extracted, go in to that folder. If you already have the files on your phone, skip to this step right away.


Once you’re in the folder, select all the presets that you want to install and send/open them in the Lightroom app. 

If you don’t have those options on your phone it might be under “share”, “more” or under 3 dots instead.


In the app, click on the photo with the first presets (V1). Then click on the 3 dots up in the right corner and choose “create preset”.

Name your preset and create a new preset group. Save the settings in the upper right corner. That preset is now saved to your phone.

Next choose a photo that you want to edit and scroll to the “presets” button in the bar on the bottom of the app. (Important that you have imported a photo in the app for this step to work). Find the preset group and click on the preset you want to edit with. Save up in the right corner.

If you want you can continue to tweak to photo even more after this, but if you’re happy with the edit just save the photo to your phone.

When you want to add the rest of the presets just use the same steps as above. Remember to put the presets that belong together in the same presets group so that you can find them easily!

Good luck and hope you have fun with your new presets!

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