How to edit grain in Lightroom

Adding grain to your photos can come to help if you want to give them a little bit more depth or maybe just a nice retro feeling. Down below we will show you how to edit the grain amount in the Lightroom app to perfectly suit your style.

On this photo we have used our own preset "Vintage Vibe". Depending on what type of photo you have taken it might look more or less grainy with this preset. For instance will close ups and selfies look more grainy than for example landscape photos. 


The first step is to choose the photo you want to edit and then go to "Effects" in the bar on the bottom of your screen.


Scroll down until you find "Grain Amount". Decrease or increase the amount to fit the outcome you like.
You can also play with the size and roughness. A simple rule is that the higher the number on these two, the more it will grain and specially blur your photo.

Happy editing!

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